❦ シナノ /♞K8

❦ シナノ /♞K8さん



Hello ! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ My name is Shinano Vang ! I'm from overseas !

I try to post covers on here www I mostly sing VOCALOID mainly in Japanese and occasionally English.
My singing covers will use my original alias, シナノ !
I've also started to convert my Nico for my MMD videos ! For any MMD videos, I will use ♞K8 as my name !
Still quite new into MMD, but I hope everyone enjoys what I make !

If you enjoy any of my works, or wish to follow me around be sure to follow me on YouTube and Twitter !!

私のタグに間違いがあったら、してください! それらを自由に変更してください!

mylist → mylist/59740590
YouTube → https://bit.ly/32CPgNs
Twitter → @_shinano15
Tumblr ( MMD + other ) → mmdk8
Website ( MMD ) → https://k8website.carrd.co/